What Mother’s Really Want For Mother’s Day… and Every Day

I bet there is some young father right now scrambling to figure out what to get his wife for Mother’s Day. Because of COVID-19, restaurants are closed, most stores are closed for shopping, and you can’t travel. But I have a secret…. I can’t speak for ALL moms but I think for many moms … what they really want is know they are appreciated.

I remember when my kids were toddlers and they would bring me a fistful of weed flowers in their fat grubby fingers. It made my heart melt. Why? Because it was a sure sign they were glad I was their Mom. It was pure, unadulterated love and appreciation.

Photo by Danny De los Reyes on Unsplash

Years ago, when my kids were that age of fat, grubby fingers and fistful of weed flowers, and I was exhausted from both a lack of sleep and the 24/7 role of motherhood, my husband gave me the best gift ever. He took the kids for the entire day away from the house and left me to do whatever I wanted. This was real love. Not because of what he bought or a card he signed — it was love because he saw what I really needed and then gave it to me. It showed he appreciated me and saw the hard work I was putting in as a mother. I didn’t do anything exciting that day. I think I even did some laundry. But I also took a nap … and I felt appreciated and loved.

A day without kids may not work for every mother — it wouldn’t work for me now as a mother of adult children — but I bet if you pay attention there is something that the Mom in your life really needs and it likely does not require a credit card.

So, if you are pondering what to get your Mom or wife or grandmother…. just show appreciation. Notice what they really need and make it happen for them. Tell them you love them and think they have done a great job being Mom. It really is what Moms want more than anything!

You Can’t Change how people act, but you can change how you react

This morning I was out by the river at South Hatton and I was thinking of a story I read before bed (if you want to read it you can find it in this book – Being Ok Just Isn’t Enough).

A couple spent each morning meditating and during their meditation, their neighbor’s carpool driver showed up and honked his horn. It annoyed the husband and so he said to his wife, “I wish that guy’s tires would fall off.” His wife reminded him that wasn’t so nice to say so later that day he changed it to, “Well I wish his horn wouldn’t work when he was near our house.” And then later that night, before they went to bed, he remarked, “Actually honey, what I really wish is that I meditated so deeply and so well that I never noticed that the horn was honking.”

It reminded me of what I’ve told so many people and constantly try to remember myself. You can’t typically change how people act but you can change how you react to them. You can spend your life frustrated with people — your spouse, your friends, your coworkers or politicians. Being frustrated with them won’t change them. But you can feel better and make a different in YOUR life, if you change how you react to them.

This is the video I posted while on the subject while I watched the sun come up this morning.

This subject comes up a lot in marriage. The wife wonders why her husband is watching TV when there is a full sink of dishes that she thinks he should notice she is busy cleaning. The husband is just enjoying his show. So the wife has two choices — she can continue to be angry and wash dishes or she can do what most men really want – just say what you need so he knows. (How many times have you heard a man say… “I’m not a mind reader.”) How she reacts makes all the difference to their evening.

Being angry won’t change his behavior or her feeling like he doesn’t care. Saying, “hey honey, do you mind helping me with these dishes?” does change his behavior and makes for a better evening for them both. Walk in someone else’s shoes for a bit and see it from their perspective — the man honking his horn just wants to to notify your neighbor he is there, the husband is just enjoying his show and doesn’t mind helping — he just needs to know you need it.

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