Yoga: More than a Pose

Satyam shares how yoga and proper breathing can calm the mind and relieve stress. Satyam is the founding director of Renaissance Yoga and is also an instructor at our all-day retreat in September. #yoga#retreatandlearn#calmthemind

Block Therapy To strengthen your Diaphragm, increase Oxygen Level, and Support Immune System

Rachael Aberle teaches us how block therapy can release & strengthen your diaphragm to clean your lungs, increase blood oxygen level, and support your immune system.  In a time where we are all feeling a lot of anxiety and stress, our bodies are reacting to it physically and block therapy can be a big help! Thanks for all the insight Rachael. #blocktherapy #immunehealth #retreatandlearn #covid19 #cleanlungs

Clarity During the COVID-19 Crisis

Feeling overwhelmed by the noise of COVID-19 and looking for some clarity in finding the next steps as we enter a new normal? Dr. Gwen Schiada introduces us to her 7L Framework to help. (Shhh… we also have a little announcement!) 

Three essential oils to help anxiety and stress

Join Holly Dunbar, owner of New Moon Bodywork & Botanicals, in this Facebook Live video where she shares three essential oils that can help relieve anxiety and stress. Most importunately, she gives us helpful tips on how to use them safely and effectively.

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