Retreat & Learn was founded by Brianna Bowling, with the purpose of providing enriching workshops and retreats (both virtual and in-person) in a comfortable and beautiful environment. We also offer free education via our YouTube channel!

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In-person retreats and workshops are offered at client sites as well as at two riverfront locations that offer tranquil views — one over the Wicomico River and one over the Potomac.

Raven’s Cliff, a historical farmhouse built in 1850, overlooks the Potomac River on high cliffs giving panaromic views of river and farmland. Once renovations are complete, this will be a comfortable, relaxing environment designed around learning and collaboration.

Coming August 2021

South Hatton, a private waterfront home on the Wicomico River, offers quiet places to sit and reflect, large tables and patios to meet and learn, and a great room for cold or inclement days. Visit the horses during breaks or just sit and reflect on the comfortable riverfront Adirondack chairs.

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