Retreat & Learn was founded with the purpose of providing workshops and retreats while helping to preserve farmland and open space. In 2019, a handshake agreement with the family who had owned Raven’s Crest since 1919 was made that we would do all we could to keep the farm as open space and not developed.

While guests learn, collaborate, and share, they also experience being on a working 173 acre farm and what that feels and looks like as well as learning a bit about what it takes currently to be a farm as well as what it was like in the early 1900’s. Raven’s Crest, a historical farmhouse built in 1850, overlooks the Potomac River on high cliffs giving panoramic views of river and farmland in Newburg, Maryland. There is nothing like sitting on the front porch, after a long day of training, overlooking the wheat, hay and soybean fields with a glass of wine in hand to help you reflect on your day.

We offer facilitated workshops and lectures and space to run your own retreat or workshop for small groups – both for the day and overnight. Your participation or rental helps preserve the open space for future generations to enjoy.

We also offer free education via our YouTube channel!

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