The Backstory…

Brianna is the owner and founder of Retreat & Learn. Shortly before starting Retreat & Learn, she had the opportunity to visit the French Alps. While sitting on Mont Blanc during her trip, she was overwhelmed by the blessings God had bestowed on her and wondered why she was so fortunate — why did she deserve that trip and also her soon to be dream house? Crying and feeling guilt for her blessings, she suddenly understood why… it was her responsibility to share with others. Sharing her farm by offering the ability for others to find peace in their life along with newfound knowledge, brings that to fruition.

Brianna’s past experience founding and running a successful software engineering company as well as serving on various Boards, volunteer efforts, and providing business coaching, gives her a vast network of facilitators. Using that network, she puts together retreats with like-minded individuals who enjoy a cohesive theme and engaged facilitators. And, of course, excellent food!

Bliss Protein Balls
Singing Bowls Used During Meditation
Dash likes to cuddle with dog lovers
Great room
Yoga on the lawn overlooking the Wicomico River

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