MASTERING Transition with the 7L Framework

May 4, 2020 – May 29, 2020 (Mondays & Fridays)

noon – 1 pm Eastern

Join Dr. Gwen Schiada to learn how to successfully live in alignment with your passions, values and purpose to create a life on your terms. This is a perfect workshop for anyone experiencing transition – retirement, graduation, starting or dissolving a company… even new family roles like becoming a parent or new marriage. Dr. Gwen will utilize the 7L Framework, a step-by-step process designed to help you tap into your inner compass, so you can claim and create the life and business you desire and achieve your dreams! Workbook and vision board included.

The 7L Framework is a tool to help create and live an emboldened life vs being beholden to the things that hold us back. We can be beholden to so many things in our lives that keep us from living our most authentic life – and that’s different for everyone. There is not one definition of success. It’s about coming into alignment with our own values, passions and purpose. 


Minimum 7 participants. Maximum 7.


7L Framework

Details e sent via email at least two weeks prior to workshop. Receipt will be from Brindan LLC. Deposit is refundable if class is cancelled due to lack of enrollment.


The Details:
This is an 8 session online live workshop held via GoToMeeting (a free download). Your workbook and vision board will be mailed to you before the workshop series begins. A learning video introducing each segment will be posted prior to each session. This will allow time for attendees to get stated on the activity and make the most of each live session’s discussion, reflection and sharing. Each participant will be a member of a closed Facebook group for class discussion and communication with Dr. Gwen Schiada between sessions. You will also be invited to an exclusive alumni Facebook page to continue your relationship with your classmates – your tribe of supporters!

What you Need: a computer/webcam/internet access capable of completing an online live class, a Facebook account, and a desire to explore, learn and transition to a life on your terms!

  • Session 1: Welcome, Introductions and LISTEN
  • Session 2: LOVE
  • Session 3: LAYERS
  • Session 4: LEAP
  • Session 5: LAND
  • Session 6: LEARN
  • Session 7: LEVEL-UP
  • Session 8: Pulling it all together/next steps

Your Instructor: Dr. Gwen Schiada holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a successful entrepreneur, published author, multi-term elected council woman and host of the Life on Your Terms podcast. She went from being a high school dropout with dormant dreams and a GED to allowing herself to dream big, achieve a PhD and a commitment to live life on her terms!

Her passion for helping others “wake up” led to the creation of her podcast, Life on Your Terms ~ Powered by Your Inner Compass. She interviews experts and individuals successfully living in alignment with their passions, purpose and values. Through this effort, she has uncovered the many gems we can all embrace to create a life on our terms.

Dr. Gwen created the 7L Framework, a step-by-step process designed to help you tap into your inner compass, become emboldened to claim and create the life you desire and achieve your dreams! Dr. Gwen teaches the 7L Framework at retreats in the U.S. and the Bahamas.

There are no refunds once purchased but you can transfer it to a friend. If the minimum participants is not reached, the workshop will be cancelled at least a week in advance and you will be refunded in full. Once the maximum is reached, then the event will be removed from the page for purchase. After purchase, you will receive details and a pre-workshop questionnaire so we can tailor the experience to the participants. We welcome any questions you may have before or after purchase.

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