From recent workshop participants:

  • Learning natural methods to serve me and my family – to help with depression, anxiety and focus.  I felt safe with Holly – that she KNOWS the science and safety measures.   
  • It was interactive and kept your attention. 
  • I loved everything about it.  The knowledge gained as well as the products I’ve created.   Truly was a retreat and an amazing learning experience.
  • Excellent!  I really liked the small group atmosphere.

Brianna is a gifted accelerator and facilitator of magic. She’s an articulate, natural educator and soul-loving guide. She finds people fascinating and delicious, and she’s got a natural talent to bring the right people together and empower them, individually and collectively, so that magical things happen.
Jenny Spector, Founder of Soul Seeds, LLC

Brianna was a great presenter and I got a lot out of her presentation on failure and conflict. I just wanted more!! The training was engaging and on point.
Participant at Offsite Corporate Retreat

Joining Brianna Bowling on her YouTube channel was more than a great marketing opportunity, it was a lot of fun! Her genuine interest in my profession manifested itself in thoughtful, interesting questions, and her desire to learn encouraged me to express myself with authenticity and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend her channel to anyone interested in sharing their knowledge with others. Courtney Kelly, Author and Ghostwriter

I found the writer’s retreat to be so inspiring and rejuvenating. I want to do it again for sure. My creative juices are flowing in multiple avenues of life. Your energy is so down to earth and welcoming! THANK YOU! Writer’s Retreat Attendee

Our session was frankly earth-shattering — I feel empowered and the past few days I’ve been unbothered by little things at work, because now I have the language to explain the behavior and how to alter my own reactions to it. I think you are a world-class expert! Julia P., Consulting Client

How blessed are your students to have you!  You are a wealth of knowledge and the perfect personality to teach. Anna Ondrish, Quality Assurance Lead

Brianna is a well respected and impressive community leader with a strong track record of service.  Participants, leaders and all who utilize her services will be impressed. Susan Mudd Vogel, Executive Director, CRMC Foundation at University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center

Brianna is an extraordinarily strategic, creative, thoughtful leader and entrepreneur. Brianna is constantly seeking to learn and grow (and help others learn and grow). She cares deeply about people and is an amazing mentor and connector. It’s always a wonder and a pleasure to witness where her expertise, curiosity and ingenuity takes her. I have no doubt that she continues to make a positive mark on the world with whatever endeavor she undertakes!. Margarita Rozenfeld, CEO of Incite International

Brianna was my business mentor for some time and helped me immensely. Despite having the skills needed for the kinds of work I was interested in doing, I wasn’t sure how to put them to good use and find the right professional fit for me. Brianna worked with me for months to get me where I needed to be in that regard, as well as helping me learn plenty of other business skills that have proved to be incredibly helpful in the years since. If you get the chance, I highly recommend learning a thing or two (or many more…) from her. David Coursey Consultant and Content Writer 

Brianna has been a compassionate – and patient – mentor for me, taking the time to brainstorm business paths and sharing her expertise in the intricacies of defense contract finance and accounting. It’s no wonder she is a sought-after and compassionate mentor with her in-depth understanding of business and willingness to generously share her time and insight. Brianna is highly regarded by government and industry customers, her colleagues and friends, employees, and anyone who has the privilege of working with her. Kim Mozingo, Managing Partner & CEO, GaiaWrx

I had some hesitance about how to move forward with the business. Entrepreneurship is intimidating! Brianna cut through the noise and helped me see clearly why it was time to go for it. Thanks to her, I’m fired up and ready to see this venture through. Connor M. Roberts, CEO, Engineer, Opal Medical Equipment Management System

Thank you again for your valuable time assisting me with my pitch deck.  Your knowledge has helped me see what needed to be accomplished and “Wow” investors when I am ready to pitch!  You have my brain smoking!! Charles Luttrell, Entrepreneur

I attended Retreat, Renew & Recharge, and it was a wonderful day of connections, validation, introspection, and relaxation. I highly recommend! The grounds are AAAAAMAZZING!!!! Retreat, Renew & Recharge Attendee

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