Brianna loves to share what she’s learned over the years as a business owner, community advocate, mother, daughter, and wife.

She does much of that through the retreats and workshops but finds it gratifying to share and teach through speaking as well — both virtually and in-person.    She speaks on a variety of topics including Life Balance, Leadership, Starting a Business, Networking, and Communication.   Brianna is also the host on a YouTube Channel where she interviews subject matter experts on a variety of topics. 

Some topics are best delivered as a Keynote, others as a workshop and some can be both.  Every speaking engagement begins with a complimentary discussion so the program will directly and specifically impact your audience. Some prior topics are included below.

Why Brianna?

  • Real, honest speaking. She speaks from the heart from her experiences and is not afraid to share mistakes and struggles…  Your audience will relate and know they are learning from someone who feels their pain.
  • We promote your event through social media and our website.  Brianna has nearly 7,000 followers on her personal LinkedIn page alone but also regularly post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram both personally and for her multiple businesses.
  • In the Trench Experience. Your audience will learn what it’s like to start, grow, and run a business while juggling a life just like theirs and not just learn textbook answers and theories.


Team Dynamics and Communication
Why are different personalities and leadership styles important to a vibrant workplace?  Your team will learn how to appreciate the things about their team members that previously drove them crazy and learn how to better communicate as a team.  Each type of work style is an important cog in the workplace — for example, the over-thinker will balance the knee-jerk decision maker. Learning to appreciate and understand each other makes a stronger workplace and you will gain the tools to make that happen.  (Check out this webinar with Charles County Economic Development where Brianna was a panelist on this topic – at 10:55 there is a comment about how to work with remote employees during COVID-19.)

Effective Networking:  How to Get Value and Action from Your Conversations 
Learn concrete solutions to get the most from networking including how to mingle, when and how to leave a conversation, and how to leave with something of value that can help your career or business.   The tools you learn will take the fear out of networking and even make it fun.   Your audience will learn how networking has been the key to Brianna’s success and how it can be yours too!   This session works well right before a networking break where they can practice their newfound skills.  (Check out this webinar with Charles County Economic Development where she was a panelist on this topic.)

Time Management
Did you know most American workers spend over 30 hours a week answering and reading emails?  You will learn a step by step method to work through the noise of email as well as other ways to organize your business day so you leave the day feeling accomplished.  Social media, tasks lists and prioritization will all be addressed and the audience will leave with actionable items they can put right to work!

PowerPoint Presentations that Aren’t Boring
We’ve all been there…. Wondering why you just wasted one more hour of your life listening to someone read boring bullets to you.   Your audience will learn easy things they can do to make their presentations more dynamic, to the point and most of all….  effective without being boring!

Government Compliant Pricing
Learn how to create government compliant pricing for government contracts.  Learn about different type of contracts and the required pricing for each.  We will discuss allowable costs, gifting rules, how to create budget pools, travel and Other Direct Costs, fee and profit, creating rates and an easy to use Rate Sheet for proposals, among many other topics.  Hands-on worksheets are important aspect of this class so you aren’t just learning concepts — you leave the class able to create your own pricing structure.

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