5 Ways To Transform Your Workspace to Promote Success

This blog was written by Reagan Bosshardt, our winter of 2023 intern. Reagan is a student at Goucher College graduating in 2025. Her goal is to have a job in marketing focusing on social media or a company’s website presence.…

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Internship

As a college student, there is a big push to get out there in the world and get experience. This is my first internship and I would like to share some tips on things that I believe make an internship…

5 Steps to Make Decisions Easy

Most people hate making decisions. Whether it is what to wear to a party or what color to paint our kitchen, the process can be intimidating. So how can we change this narrative?

Planning a Wedding you Enjoy

There are so many benefits to composting: minimizing your food waste, creating a fertilizer in which you know the contents, and you’re doing a small part in affecting climate change.

Turn Table Scraps Into Rich Soil with Worms

There are so many benefits to composting: minimizing your food waste, creating a fertilizer in which you know the contents, and you’re doing a small part in affecting climate change.


Leisa Reid teaches us how to use speaking gigs to grow your business in this interview including how to get booked and rebooked as well as how to write your speech and focus on your target audience.

Alternative uses of farmland is key to preserving open space

Ravens Crest, the home of Retreat & Learn, also serves as a test site for MissionGO — a Baltimore based company developing and testing unmanned aircraft systems (you may know them as drones) for the eventual purpose of transporting organ…

Speaking to Medical Staff for Your Loved One

My Mom died of pancreatic cancer. As she became weaker, it was exhausting for her to communicate with medical staff. Because I spent so much time with her I had a decent idea of what the answers were but I…

Executors Guide to a Stress Free Administration

A couple of years ago I got a phone call while I was on vacation from the grandson of a family friend. He had bad news… his grandmother … and my friend… had passed away.  I suddenly realized why he…

Guilt After Someone Dies: The What Ifs

My fourteen year old daughter’s friend died.   Fourteen year old kids are not supposed to die and when they do, it is hard to wrap your head around it.

Government contracting: What is a Direct Labor Rate?

The direct labor rate is the cost of the labor of your employee per hour.  It’s the cost of paying the employee and does not include the Overhead and General & Administrative costs of running your business. The cost is…

I Should Have Worn the Bikini

I sit at my high school alma mater athletic fields and share some stories about myself during the awkwardness of middle school and high school.

Thriving In An Unsettled Business Environment

I know many of us are scared and worried about the current business environment. And it’s true — these are more tumultuous times than usual. But from adversity comes innovation and challenges can shake up our normal routines so we are…

What Do You Say to Someone Grieving?

Whether someone has lost a parent, a child, or a friend, we want to console and bring comfort but its hard to know what to say.  I think every situation is different and what works for one person may not work…

Finding the Hero in Dying

There are many moments in my life that defined and changed me. The death and dying process of my Mom ranks high. My Mom died in 2012 after 3 1/2 years of having pancreatic cancer. We congratulate people fighting cancer…

Ten Things to Banish the Winter Blues

During my Tuesday Sunrise videos, I shared I was feeling the winter blues. There wasn’t anything really “wrong” but I just felt blah and unmotivated. I asked for ideas to help shake the blues and got some good ones! Following…

Two Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength

Brianna Bowling interviews Megan R. Fenyoe, LCSW and best-selling author of You Are Enough. Megan gives us concrete steps to transform negative self-talk into positive self-empowerment because YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Recreational Oystering

Learn a little about recreational oystering – how it is done and the hard work required as well as the things done to make sure there are oysters for the future.

Electoral College: Does My Vote Matter?

Michael Maibach (Founder of Center For the Electoral College) recently explained to me the history of the Electoral College and how it works and if our vote really matters when using an electoral college system.

Angel Investing: What is it and Is it for Me?

Greg Cangialosi from the Baltimore Angels teaches us in this interview about angel investing, who makes a good angel investor and what types of companies make a good angel investment.

Rejection – The Kick in the Butt We All Need:

When I was in fifth grade, our class got to try out for the school chorus. All but three kids were selected. Yup. The three not chosen were myself and two boys who didn’t want to be in it anyway.…

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters In the End

Each of us will eventually face the dilemma of quality versus quantity of life — certainly for ourselves, but most likely also for a loved one. Read the book, Being Mortal, now. Before you are in the crisis.

ASHES TO ART: Finding Joy and Purpose in Adversity

In 2012, Lori Joseph was driving back to her home in Nebraska from Colorado with the devastation of wildfires in her rear view mirror. This blog and video share how she helps people find joy and purpose in life.

My Favorite Things…

Since I sold my business in 2018, my business life has drastically changed including that I am nearly always working from my home office and so this post is to share some of the things that make my office work…


What are the best methods to onboard new staff members during and after COVID-19? This post discusses job description development, virtual tours, and emotions your employees may be feeling and how to help them.

How To Use Writing to Work Through Grief

Grief comes for many reasons… the loss of a child, a parent, or friend. It also comes from the loss of what “could have been” – the marriage that didn’t last due to divorce, a health issue that keeps you…

Yoga: More than a Pose

Satyam shares how yoga and proper breathing can calm the mind and relieve stress. Satyam is the founding director of Renaissance Yoga and is also an instructor at our all-day retreat in September. #yoga#retreatandlearn#calmthemind

Clarity During the COVID-19 Crisis

Feeling overwhelmed by the noise of COVID-19 and looking for some clarity in finding the next steps as we enter a new normal? Dr. Gwen Schiada introduces us to her 7L Framework to help. (Shhh… we also have a little…

Three essential oils to help anxiety and stress

Join Holly Dunbar, owner of New Moon Bodywork & Botanicals, in this Facebook Live video where she shares three essential oils that can help relieve anxiety and stress. Most importunately, she gives us helpful tips on how to use them…

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