5 Ways To Transform Your Workspace to Promote Success

This blog was written by Reagan Bosshardt, our winter of 2023 intern. Reagan is a student at Goucher College graduating in 2025. Her goal is to have a job in marketing focusing on social media or a company’s website presence.

As a college student, I have a lot of work I have to complete. I have tried studying and/or completing work in various spaces and have found working in my dorm at my desk is the best. I feel most comfortable there. Here are some of the reasons why I choose to work in my own space time and time again.

Implement personality into your space 

When you look at your workspace do you think your personality and goals are represented? Making your workspace reflect yourself and your values reminds you of why you working. Decorating your workspace with pictures, quotes, and things you love creates comfort and, when someone is comfortable, they are more likely to work harder and be more focused. You can do this by having pictures of people you love, implementing your favorite color, or having decorations that put you at ease.

Organize your space 

Do you have piles of paperwork taking over your desk? Our workspace reflects our ability to get work done. So, if your space is cluttered it is most likely slowing down your ability to reach your potential. Plus, organizing will decrease stress ultimately making you focus on your work and not the piles on your desk. You can do this by getting a file cabinet or even cubbies!

Incorporate nature into your space of work

When you go into nature do you feel calm and grounded? It is scientifically proven that when someone is surrounded by nature they feel calmer and more grounded. Why leave nature outside when you can bring it in? There are many plants that thrive indoors and by you implementing them into your workspace you will thrive too! Simply find an indoor plant and put it on or near your desk! I recommend a ZZ plant because you only have to water it a few times a month! Having as little as one plant in your workspace will make you feel grounded and ready to focus on your work!

Keep your space fresh

Would you rather work in a clean environment or a dirty one? Exactly! By cleaning your workspace regularly you increase your chances of working because it is more manageable. Also, allowing fresh air into your workspace, instantly makes your space feel fresh!

Use your workspace strictly for work

Have you ever found yourself aimlessly scrolling through social media or online shopping in your space that was intended for work? If you answered yes, that might be why it is hard to stay focused. If you use your workspace strictly for work, it tells your brain that you are at your workspace to work! Once you create a habit of only doing work in your workspace, you will notice that it is easier to start getting work done because your brain will associate your workspace with doing work.

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