Angel Investing: What is it and Is it for Me?

Greg Cangialosi from the Baltimore Angels teaches us in this interview about angel investing, who makes a good angel investor and what types of companies make a good angel investment.

Greg explained that angel investing is “early support for entrepreneurs and founders who are executing on a business idea that typically has been proven out to a certain stage. …. Companies have typically have raised friends and family money or have self-funded to this point, and then they go out for seeded angel funding.” Investors can work as individuals, part of a syndicate, or part of a club like the Baltimore Angels.

Angel investing is not for everyone. It can be a risky endeavor. Greg broke it down into three characteristics.

  1. A person not afraid to take risks.
  2. Be an accredited investor. (Want to know what this is? Check out the video below!)
  3. Understand the industry in which you are investing.

The last thing we discussed was what makes a good investment including where the company should be in their maturity and finances.


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