Electoral College: Does My Vote Matter?

Michael Maibach (Founder of Center For the Electoral College) recently explained to me the history of the Electoral College and how it works and if our vote really matters when using an electoral college system.

Michael gave a wonderful history of why the electoral college was formed in the first place. The founding fathers wanted to avoid majority tyranny by the U.S. Congress, balance small and large state interests and have an independent President to lead the nation. The electoral college supports those goals.

I thought I understood the electoral college but I learned quite a bit including:

  • the number of electors mirrors the number of senators and congressmen from each state
  • the electors are elected by their individual party and their term lasts just a single election
  • electors do not vote for the President until the Monday after the second Wednesday in December which in 2020 is December 14

This is a video every voter should listen to before the election. There are compelling reasons for the electoral college and our founding fathers used their historical knowledge to create a government and election system that still works to this day.


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