Sustainable Agriculture: Protecting Our Environment, Business & Community

The term “sustainable agriculture” is a hot topic but what does it mean and how does it work in practice? Kevin Warring, of Persistence Creek Farm, teaches us how their farm uses sustainable practices that minimize fertilizers, maximizes yields, and provides food and shelter for wildlife. Winner of the Leopold Conservation Award this year, their family believes that sustainable agriculture is about “soil, water, and wildlife.”

Some of the things we discuss during this interview were:

  • Can we honor the environment and and still remain a profitable agriculture operation?
  • How to partner with county, state and federal to share costs and knowledge.
  • The role of cover crops and buffer riparian buffers.
  • Stream restoration and stabilization.

“Passing it on to the next generation is so important. Owning our farm is a blessing and we want to pass it on to the next generation better than we found it.”


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