Background, lighting, Audio, and Camera Placement for Online video

Stephanie Cosby of Career Puppy and Prism 360 Media shares tips for online meetings and videos including:

  • staging your background
  • lighting
  • camera placement
  • audio

Stephanie has over a decade of experience as a producer, videographer, director and editor in the area of workforce development. If you are looking for the selfie rings that Stephanie recommended you can find them here: Clip on Selfie Light and Selfie Ring Light with Stand

The streaming program I use for my interviews is Streamyard. Clicking on the link will get you a $10 discount (and me a small referral fee.) I’ve tried a couple of different programs and like this one the best because its the easiest to use and you can stream to both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously which saves me a ton of time. You can stream directly to Facebook or YouTube without a program but you can’t do both and you can’t easily have a second person in the video so the broadcast program is essential.

#video #backgroundstaging #workathome

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