It is embarrassing how lazy I am with my skin care. I go to bed with makeup on at least once a week and generally do the minimum I can to get by and look at least ok. So I’m excited to have Kelly Rose as my guest in this interview who shared what we absolutely must do for basic skin care and the few things we can add to our regime. (I can’t stand those tutorials that have so many steps I’d be in the bathroom for hours each day.. who has time for that!?!)

This is such an easy regime, you should be
able to do it, but there are things
you can do to up your game.

Kelly Rose



  1. Cleanse twice a day with a cream-based cleanser. Kelly also covered the different types of cleansers you can use for day or night.
  2. An appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.
  3. Sunblock. Kelly could not stress enough how important this was for anti-aging. She also discussed the difference between chemical based and chemical-free and how to read the label to ensure it has what you need.

Once you have the basics covered there are two other items you can add to your regime – vitamin C and retinol. I was a bit surprised at all the benefits of vitamin C in particular and I may have to reconsider my super basic skin care by adding it. We also discussed what products you can mix and which should not be used together… and what order products should be used.. and also how to choose the best esthetician for you.

This is a must watch video. Its short and sweet and gets to point for those of us that want to care for our skin without spending all day in the bathroom.

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