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Empowering the Dying and the Ones Who Care for Them

My Mom died in 2012 from pancreatic cancer. It was a terrible part of my life and I miss her everyday. You may be surprised to though, that the months and years leading to her death were also some of the best times. I was happy to be able to interview Katie Duncan, a death care coach about how we can empower our loved ones and ourselves during this process.

Speaking to Medical Staff for Your Loved One

My Mom died of pancreatic cancer. As she became weaker, it was exhausting for her to communicate with medical staff. Because I spent so much time with her I had a decent idea of what the answers were but I didn’t want to speak for her and get it wrong. Eventually, a system evolved though.

Finding the Hero in Dying

There are many moments in my life that defined and changed me. The death and dying process of my Mom ranks high. My Mom died in 2012 after 3 1/2 years of having pancreatic cancer. We congratulate people fighting cancer for being warriors and being strong — we call them heroes for fighting the good fight. What happens though when the patient decides they are done fighting and want to discontinue treatment? Are they no longer a hero?

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