Key Things Parents Can Do to Help a Pre-Teen Reach Full Potential

Dr. Ali Lankerani, known as the “Parent Whisperer”, and Clinical Neuroscientist and creator of the Amazing Parents Network gave me three key things parents can do to help their pre-teens reach their full potential. The three items are:

  1. Nutrition – certain foods are better for brain optimization than others. For example, some foods may even help with autism and ADHD. Dr. Lankerani also gives us some great tips to get your kids to try and even like new foods.
  2. Rest – ensuring children’s lifestyle allows rest.
  3. Oxygen – making sure breathing is correct and beneficial. This includes correct breathing during sleep as well as at rest and during activity.

Dr. Lankerani began our talk with this great quote, “Parents are trying to do their best and be great role models who lead by example.” Thank you Dr. L for giving us the tools to do just that!

There are so many more details to the three items listed above. Be sure to watch the video below to find out more.


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