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Two Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength

Brianna Bowling interviews Megan R. Fenyoe, LCSW and best-selling author of You Are Enough. Megan gives us concrete steps to transform negative self-talk into positive self-empowerment because YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Key Things Parents Can Do to Help a Pre-Teen Reach Full Potential

Brianna Bowling interviews Dr. Ali Lankerani, Clinical Neuroscientist and creator of the Amazing Parents Network. He guides us through three key things parents can do to help their pre-teens reach their full potential.

How Do I Create Goals to Meet MY needs and Not Everyone Else?

Ever feel like you live your life to please your parents, spouse, friends or society? Brianna Bowling interviews Kelly Travis, creator of the She Doesn’t Settle podcast and a health and success coach, as she leads us through steps to live a life that removes excuses and takes action towards YOUR goals.

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