Growing Food in Small Spaces: Patios, Yards & Containers

This was a jam packed interview and I learned so much. There is nothing like growing and eating the food your grow yourself and Woody DeLauder shared how to grow food whether you live on a farm, a suburban lot or a just have a city patio.

Woody suggested that if you are short on space, to think UP! Trellising plants up such at tomatoes, cucumbers and beans utilize your space more efficiently. Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce can also be grown in shallow flats very easily since they have shallow roots. Lettuce is also what is know as a “cut and come again” crop that can be harvested and it will regenerate for future harvesting.

Another important topic we discussed was how to create good soil via composting and adding other organic matter such as wood chips that are readily available from wood trimming companies. Utilizing a no-till method will also improve your soil by encouraging earthworms and decreasing weeds.

Anyone can grow food in whatever space they have.

Woody De Lauder

Woody highly suggested raised beds if you are first starting out and gave us some great suggestions on how to construct and start them including how to use cardboard to prevent weeds and what type of soil to use.

We covered so much more including how to trim tomatoes plants, how to trellis, the importance of shade cloths, and creating air flow for your plants. You need to watch this interview… Woody had so much knowledge to share!


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