Executors Guide to a Stress Free Administration

A couple of years ago I got a phone call while I was on vacation from the grandson of a family friend. He had bad news… his grandmother … and my friend… had passed away.  I had never met her grandson and I suddenly realized why he was calling… a promise I had made years before to his grandmother to handle her estate. 

I was suddenly thrown into a role I didn’t understand or have experience – a manager of assets, real estate and financials with the responsibility of dissolving and distributing.  It was a tough job and there wasn’t an easy checklist to follow.  In many cases I was a detective trying to figure out where assets were or if they even existed.

I wish I had this interview with Leah Del Percio from Trustate before that phone call. She answered so many questions about what I should have done from the beginning to make my job much easier.

Don’t make any big decisions on the first few days. In the coming days your job is to discover the assets and liabilities so you can administer the estate but you have some time.


Topics we covered:

  • What is an administrator and/or executor of an estate?
  • First steps (and second steps)
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Medical power of attorney
  • What you can do in advance to help your family administer your estate

(There were more but you need to watch the video!)


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