5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Internship

This blog was written by Reagan Bosshardt, our winter of 2023 intern. Reagan is a student at Goucher College graduating in 2025. Her goal is to have a job in marketing focusing on social media or a company’s website presence.

We finished Reagan’s internship with a LIVE interview where we discussed what made this a successful internship…. and what did not. See the link below!

As a college student, there is a big push to get out there in the world and get experience. This is my first internship and I would like to share some tips on things that I believe make an internship worth your time and energy.

  1. Make sure your ideas are heard

Do you have an idea about ways that you can better the company you’re interning for? Speak up. Most likely, whoever is in charge of you or the interns would love to hear advice or suggestions from fresh eyes.

  1. Make sure you advocate for yourself

Think about why you applied for that internship and if it is not going how you thought it would, let someone know. An open discussion about your thoughts and expectations can make room for improvement in your internship.

  1. Ask as many questions as you can

There is a reason you’re participating in an internship and I bet the main reason is to get experience. If you’re interning for a company that has something to do with your career goals, get the most out of it in the way of gaining knowledge. Who is a better person to ask questions to than someone who has a career that you want to join after college?

  1. Check-in regularly

By checking in regularly it is easier to get feedback on what you’re working on and ask questions. Also by meeting once or twice a week, you build a relationship with the person who is advising your internship. Remember an internship should be beneficial for both sides – both you and the company. The company you intern for should feel they have gained a new perspective and new ideas from you.

  1. Make sure you have artifacts to show from your internship 

Putting yourself on LinkedIn and other sites showcase your work and increase the likelihood of getting other internships or jobs in the future. By creating these artifacts with a company that you intern for, it shows that you intern and it shows what work you are doing and what work you are interested in doing. 

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