Happy & Healthy WITHOUT Giving up Favorite Food and Drinks

I’ve been struggling with how to make eating well a long-term lifestyle. I feel great when I’m eating more vegetables, less carbs and exercising but it is hard to keep it going week after week so I reached out to Nirit Roddy, certified trainer and nutritionist from Fit With Nirit who gave me some great tips on how to see long-term results — but still enjoy the food I love.

Some of her top tips were:

  1. Change one thing every couple weeks. For example, start by focusing on 8-10 cups a water a day. Then the next week focus on increasing your exercise.
  2. Every person is different. Some need to do everything at once (but not perfectly) and some need to add a little each week so they can get psychological wins.
  3. Get a coach to learn what works for you and have accountability .. and they are a great cheerleader!
  4. Be honest about what you are eating.
  5. Frozen vegetables are an easy way to have vegetables on hand so you eat more of them.
  6. Make one big meal where leftovers can be used for future meals.

Perfection is the killer of progress. It’s not about doing an hour of exercise 7 days a week and eating perfectly every day because that is not a lifestyle. It’s about changing one thing every couple weeks.


Nirit also had some great tips for how to deal with picky eaters in your family. How many of you are creating a separate meal for your family members when you are trying to eat healthy? For these and so many great tips on getting healthy without stress watch the video!


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