Planning a Wedding you Enjoy

This blog brought to you by Jaclynne Hall, our intern from Goucher College in Winter 2022.   Jaclynne is an International Relations and Spanish student, will graduate in 2023 and is interested in a career in international relations.

When planning for a wedding, where do you even start? You can drown yourself in Pinterest boards which give you extravagant ideas but burns a hole in both you and your fiancé’s pockets. Asking friends and family for advice may turn your own special event into theirs. This interview with Janet Virgin, a wedding planner with years of experience, I gained some insightful advice. 

Plan a dollar amount budget. Individually, the photographer, caterer, and decor may be decently priced, but the costs can add up quickly. You want to make sure you prioritize what’s important to you and your partner. 

“There’s no wedding law… It’s all about what’s appropriate for your relationship and your event.” –

Janet Virgin

When it’s all said and done, it’s you and your partner’s special day. What works for your relationship may not be what your family may want, but that’s okay! If you’re falling into the cracks of deciding the nitty gritty details of the color of the flowers, the type of linens, the music, take a step back and think to yourself. Looking back on this day, what do I want to remember? How do I want to remember feeling?

 “What do I want to warm my soul from that day?” – Janet Virgin

The answers to these questions are what you need to focus your planning. So no, you may not remember in ten years what type of silverware you had on the table, but you will remember enjoying that thoughtful conversation with your cousin in the midst of the celebration. When planning perhaps the greatest day of your life, plan for the memories, not the “perfect wedding.” 

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  1. Nice interview. Great wedding planner


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